REG Opens Biodiesel Terminal in Long Beach

Joanna Schroeder

A new biodiesel terminal is off and running in Long Beach, California compliments of the Renewable Energy Group (REG). The first truckload of biodiesel was picked up by Whole Energy, a fuel distributor and retailer operating in Washington, Oregon and California.

“Whole Energy is committed to biodiesel, helping Californians meet their carbon reduction goals, and offering supply for Oregon and Washington blending requirements,” said Gary Haer, VP Sales and Marketing at Renewable Energy Group. “REG’s terminal agreement with Maxum Petroleum expands the opportunity for West Coast distributors like Whole Energy to blend biodiesel for public and private diesel fleets.”

Atul Deshmane, CEO and President of Whole Energy said that biodiesel has demonstrated both great performance and low carbon characteristics and is an important part of meeting California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. REG recently registered its REG-9000 biodiesel produced at its biodiesel facility in Seneca, Illinois with a carbon intensity as low as 4.0 gCO2e/MJ.

“We are excited about the opportunity to offer biodiesel from the nation’s largest biodiesel producer and marketer in California,” added Deshmane. “Whole Energy is committed to a multi-region approach for offering biodiesel blends for fleets and consumers who are looking to go green, enhance performance and protect the earth with a sustainable fuel.”

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