Vocal Trash Sings About Being Green

Joanna Schroeder

Here is a fun story for a Friday. A group called Vocal Trash entertains consumers across the country with a musical mix of pop, rock and swing used to educate listeners about being green. The group’s song reflect earth-friendly values like recycling and upcycling. As if this is cool enough, the group also “recycles” their instruments used in their performances.

“If you want a high energy show, with standing room only crowds, Vocal Trash is the way to go,” said Danny Aguilar of the Delaware State Fair. “They have been a huge entertainment hit for our patrons and they demand Vocal Trash return each year.”

Fans have raved about the singing, industrial style drumming and comedy all interwoven into their live performances. While people dance and sing along with the group, they are also learning about their impact on the environment and offering simple solutions and ways to improve their environmental footprint.

Kelsey Rae, a member of Vocal Trash said of their style, “We’re like a fusion of the Black-Eyed Peas and Al Gore. We’re simply presenting a positive message in an effective way. Music and dance is universal… there’s no better way to reach the masses. THINK… before you throw it away.”

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