Dynamic Fuels Get EPA Renewable Gas Registration

John Davis

Dynamic Fuels, in a joint venture with Syntroleum, has garnered the EPA’s Part 79 registration for its Renewable Gasoline Blendstock 10. This Syntroleum news release says the designation allows enables Dynamic Fuels to generate 1.5 Advanced Biofuel, or D5, RINS for each gallon of its renewable gasoline blendstock when blended at 10 percent. The Dynamic Fuels’ Renewable Gasoline Blendstock can be blended directly into gasoline.

At its design basis production rate of 75 million gallons per year, Dynamic Fuels’ Geismar Plant should produce approximately 7.5 million gallons of renewable gasoline blendstock, or 11.25 million Advanced Biofuel RINS, per year. Advanced Biofuel RINS have traded for as much as $0.83 per RIN during 2012 and are currently approximately $0.46.

Dynamic Fuels also received the EPA Part 79 Registration for drop-in renewable fuels for Renewable Diesel Blendstock up to a 20 percent blend with petroleum diesel in 2009 and for Renewable Diesel for use at up to a 100 percent in 2011.

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