Radio Ads Featuring President Obama Air in Iowa

Joanna Schroeder

Iowans driving to work, or typing away on computers, and listening to the radio, may hear some new advertisements featuring President Obama. Although the biodiesel and ethanol industries have been under serious attack the last few weeks, the Obama Administration has continued to show its support for the growth of the American-based industry. U.S. biofuels production is currently led by Iowa.

“When an industry is under attack, it’s admirable to see elected officials stand up for the ethanol and biodiesel producers that create American jobs, enhance America’s energy security, and improve our environment,” said Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) President Brad Albin. “We commend President Barack Obama and his team for their continued public support for growing our renewable fuels industry, especially as it faces harsh criticisms. The 10,000 Iowa households employed by or invested in Iowa’s ethanol and biodiesel plants will take notice.”

For those of you living, or not living in Iowa and would like a list of the stations the ads are running, or to hear the ads, click here.

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