EM Biofuels Rolls Out RINPlus

Joanna Schroeder

EM Biofuels LLC is rolling out RINPlus, a web-based platform that tracks the origin of Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN). The company says the platform will enable obligated parties to verify the genealogy of all RINs from feedstock to RIN generation and separation. RINPlus will document many areas including:

  • Facility’s engineering review
  • Corporate formation documents and operating permits
  • Validity checks including co-product monitoring, site audits and spot product testing

The system, according to EM Biofuels, will give obligated parties the due diligence and supporting documentation needed to ensure RINS are valid and meet RFS2 requirements.

“We began working with both producers and obligated parties in 2011, listening to their concerns and incorporating their ideas regarding the specific aspects a RIN assurance platform needed to address. The end result is a platform that has the capacity to become a secure and efficient marketplace for RINs,” said Ken Nelson, Senior Vice President of EM Biofuels.

The tool integrates real-time with a fuel producers’ facility operations. In addition, it allows the user to create reports summarizing their RIN portfolio and includes supporting documentation. EM Biofuels plans to launch additional functionality to the RINPlus platform in early 2013.

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