Renewable Fuels Backers, Others Testify Before House

John Davis

The U.S. House Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing today attracted several advocates of renewable fuels, as well as those who are also in the conventional fuels business. Among those giving testimony today was Joseph Petrowski, CEO of Cumberland Gulf Group; Jack Gerard, President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute; Bob Dinneen, President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association; Thomas Tanton, Executive Director and Director, Science and Technology Assessment at the American Tradition Institute; Michael McAdams, President, Advanced Biofuels Association; Michael Breen, Vice President, Truman National Security Project; Dr. Richard A. Bajura, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Director, National Research Center for Coal and Energy at West Virginia University; and Felice Stadler, Director of the Dirty Fuels Campaign at the National Wildlife Federation.

Breen, whose group sponsors Operation Free, a nationwide coalition of veterans and national security experts dedicated to clean energy, told the panel how much of a threat dependence on oil as the sole source for energy can be to this nation’s security. “Global supply and global demand set the market and drive the price… not American supply and American demand alone. This has crucial implications for policy.” He went on to say it’s highly unlikely enough oil can be drilled domestically to meet our needs, American consumers would be vulnerable to price swings… even if more oil is found domestically, and global demand continues to grow at an alarming rate. Breen pointed to the U.S. military’s efforts to get away from petroleum because of the threat it poses to our forces, especially those serving overseas.

Listen to Breen’s opening statement here: Michael Breen, Vice President, Truman National Security Project

McAdams’ Advanced Biofuels Association, which represents more than 45 companies in the green energy business, strongly defended the Renewable Fuels Standard under attack for much of the hearing. “The [RFS] is the bedrock of our nation’s renewable transportation fuels policy, and it is directly responsible for the progress made in the advanced biofuels sector.” He added that the RFS has brought certainty to companies and investors and has created jobs and REAL energy sources … not just theoretical concepts of alternative fuels … all across the country in the few short years it has been implemented. “It’s only been five years since you passed RFS2, the RFS is fundamentally working, and we are just getting started.”

Listen to McAdams’ opening statement here: Michael McAdams, President, Advanced Biofuels Association

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