Likis Learns About Ethanol and Engines at Argonne

Cindy Zimmerman

Automotive expert Bobby Likis is learning more this week about the latest research into ethanol and car engines to bring to his audience on the Car Clinic Network.

“I’m amazed at all the research and development going on with new fuel technology with all sorts of engines to include hydrogen, ethanol, ethanol blends, diesel and dual fuels,” he said during an interview after visiting Argonne National Laboratories. “Renewable fuels and engines that can use them are a fact of our future.”

Likis is pictured here with Forrest Jehlik, Argonne Research Engineer, checking out one of the test cells at the lab.

Likis recently announced a partnership with the Renewable Fuels Association to help educate other car enthusiasts and the general public about the use of ethanol as a motor fuel. “My colleagues, the technicians of the world, and my peers need to be aware so that when they meet face to face with car owners they can give the correct advice as to the benefits that ethanol provides,” he said. “In my 21 years as Car Clinic Network, it has been my goal to share what information and education that I’ve learned in my lifetime.”

Likis says one experience that has stuck with him was the oil embargo of the ’70s which opened his eyes to the need to diversify our motor fuel supply. “We have to open our minds to a solution to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Car Clinic host will be visiting Ricardo Inc., a transportation engineering consultancy which has done a great deal of research into the use of E15 in older model cars and the need for higher octane fuels to meet growing needs for fuel economy and emissions reductions.

Listen to an interview with Bobby Likis on the road here: Automotive Expert Bobby Likis

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