Partnership to Power Small Wind Project at NY Plant

John Davis

While big wind turbine projects sometimes get most of the attention, small scale projects are making their presence known as well.

Gamesa Technology Corp., Inc. and its partner Harvest the Wind Network (HTWN) have announced a plan to put in a community wind project at HARBEC Plastics in western New York:

This is Gamesa’s first distributed wind project with Harvest the Wind. The two companies signed an agreement in March that makes Harvest the Wind a primary distributor of Gamesa’s family of G5X-850 kW turbines for community and distributed wind energy projects. Harvest the Wind’s regional partner, Sustainable Energy Developments (SED), designed, permitted, and will install the G58 turbine on a 55-meter tower at the Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park, where HARBEC is located. SED is a regional distributed wind pioneer and quality leader in the Northeast U.S.

“This project highlights Gamesa’s expanding leadership in the distributed and community wind market, which remains a vital and growing sector for our industry,” said David Rosenberg, vice president of marketing for Gamesa North America.

“HARBEC Plastics, already an environmentally responsible company, is a great example of how a local company and industrial park can benefit from distributed wind,” said Haley Estes, vice president of Harvest the Wind Network. “With our first project underway, we’re excited to see what we can achieve with Gamesa in helping more businesses across the U.S. adopt cleaner power.”

This particular model of wind turbine has been in use since 2001 and is online in nearly 9,500 units worldwide. Construction on this project at HARBEC’s Ontario, N.Y. facility is expected to begin this September with it coming fully online by the end of the year.