New RIN Network for Biodiesel Industry

Joanna Schroeder

The RIN 9000 verification program developed by Lee Enterprises Consulting is merging with the RIN Integrity Network developed by Genscape to create a standard RIN program for the industry. The goal of the new program is to provide information that will both satisfy concerns of obligated parties as well as benefit producers.

Susan Olson, VP of Analytical R&D at Genscape said merger talks were spurred after discussions with smaller producers regarding their needs. She said the company began to add technology to their monitoring program to help producers promote their integrity and boost process efficiency.

“The formation of this strategic partnership with Lee Enterprises Consulting enables Genscape to offer the best, most comprehensive RIN integrity services, and to have a complete line of other biodiesel services at its fingertips,” said Olson. “This is winning combination for the biodiesel industry.”

The RIN Integrity Network will bring together several major biodiesel players. Jess Hewitt, CEO of Gulf Hydrocarbon will be providing initial RIN education services to clients and AP Innovations will conduct on site visits. Christianson & Associates will provide RIN attestation, auditing, verification and consulting services. Intertek Commodities, an industry leader in analytical testing, will perform ASTM testing of product samples collected during site visits.

Members of the strategic alliance believe that they will give a boost to the RIN market that has been plagued by difficulty. Small producers want to sell their RINS at fair market value and obligated parties need assurances that the RINS are valid. “This joining of forces by the biodiesel industry’s major groups allows our RIN Integrity Network to answer those problems urgently for producers and obligated parties,” concluded Olson.

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