TransFerm Yeast Product Available

Joanna Schroeder

Mascoma Corporation has released a yeast product for the ethanol industry called TransFerm that is being joint marketed by Lallemand Ethanol Technology. The product is derived using the Mascoma Grain Technology (MGT) platform. TransFerm is a drop-in substitute for fermenting yeast that according to Lallemand lowers costs for corn ethanol producers because it eliminates the need to purchase enzymes currently used in production.

“The ability of TransFerm(TM) to enhance ethanol production, combined with the complementary capabilities of our two companies, positions us for a successful commercial launch of this product,” said Bill Nankervis, President of Lallemand’s Specialty Division.

Nine corn ethanol producers participated in commercial-scale trials and produced nearly 50 million gallons of ethanol.

“We are well positioned to continue the successful commercialization of TransFerm(TM) and transform enzyme delivery in first generation ethanol,” added Bill Brady, President and CEO of Mascoma. “The commercial agreements we have in place with ethanol producers, as well as the commercial-scale trials already underway provide us with a strong foundation from which to grow.”