14 POET Plants Producing Voila

Joanna Schroeder

POET is off and running with the installation and production of Voilà, its branded corn oil that is used to produce biodiesel. Fourteen plants have installed the technology increasing annual production capacity to nearly 235 million pounds per year. This is enough corn oil to produce nearly 31 million gallons of biodiesel. Voilà technology was first installed in January 2011 at the POET Biorefining-Hudson facility.

“We’ve had a great response from Voilà customers, and I’m excited to be able to expand production to meet more of the demand,” POET CEO Jeff Lautt said.

POET has been expanding the use of each kernel of corn for many years and today the company produces animal feed including Dakota Gold distillers dried grains. In addition, five plants capture carbon dioxide and are sold to companies such as beverage producers.

Lautt added,  “At POET, we’re focused on getting the most value from corn as we possibly can. Ethanol is obviously a big part of that, but the many other products we produce are also very important to our business. We’re also working hard to develop even more biorefined products.”

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