Sky Factory Switches to Net-Zero Solar Power

The Sky Factory, a global fine art and technology company based in Fairfield, Iowa, will “flip the switch” to become Iowa’s first net-zero solar powered business June 7.

Designed and installed by Fairfield’s Ideal Energy, the 3,500 square foot photovoltaic panel array, generating 54 kilowatts, is the largest private installation in the state and will generate 104 percent of Sky Factory’s power needs.

The Sky Factory creates virtual skylights and windows with nature scenes. Products are designed and manufactured in Fairfield and distributed globally. The company founded the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) in 2008 with a mission to initiate and support the development, research and implementation of sustainable systems that are locally and globally relevant.

Inspired by Jack Eastman, long-time Sierra Club leader and Sky Factory’s own eco-conscience, the company began to investigate and implement sustainable practices. Sky Factory total recycling, a new energy conserving building, and implementation of a renewable energy system are the results of their dedication to eco-centric living.

The public is invited to celebrate the launch of this renewable energy system on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. until noon. Presentations and tours will take place at 801 N. 18th St., Fairfield, Iowa 52556.

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