SLIP Plate Offers Wide Range of Products

Cindy Zimmerman

A 95-year-old graphite company is reaching out to let more industries know about the advantages of their dry film lubricants.

SLIP Plate is a Superior Graphite product that was developed in 1975 for the railroad industry as a natural lubricant that would stand up to weather and other environmental conditions. The dry film coating was not affected by temperature extremes, and did not attract dirt, grit, ice, water or snow. Additional SLIP Plate formulations were developed to meet the needs of the railroads, along with agricultural, industrial and consumer uses. The company’s slogan is “If it needs to slide, roll, turn, twist or spin – it’s a job for SLIP Plate®!”

One product specifically created for the agriculture market is Seed SLIK which has been engineered to reduce seed binding and bridging in planter hoppers and lubricate the mechanical parts of the planter without hurting the seeds. Barry Lee, Product Manager Coatings & Lubricants for Superior Graphite, says they are working to re-introduce the agricultural market to SLIP Plate and one of the ways they’re doing this is with the launch of the SLIP Plate® Facebook Sweepstakes.

SLIP Plate® Facebook Sweepstakes Want a chance to win a $100 Visa® Gift Card? Just follow these simple steps: 1) “Like” SLIP Plate on Facebook. 2) Enter the contest posted on SLIP Plate’s Facebook wall. Winners will be chosen randomly by the sweepstake’s host application, Easypromos, and will be notified via email. 2nd place and 3rd place entries selected will win SLIP Plate product (retail value up to $50.00). Contest ends: June 13, 2012. We thank you for your business and wish you good luck!

Listen to an interview with Barry Lee, Product Manager Coatings & Lubricants for Superior Graphite, here: Interview with Barry Lee