GROWMARK Studying E15 Retailer Handbook

Cindy Zimmerman

As a leader in fuels produced by farmer cooperative members, GROWMARK is studying how to best implement 15% ethanol and upgrading its biodiesel quality program for marketing through the FS Brand system.

There are over 300 locally and independently operated FS FAST STOP and FAST STOP Express locations so GROWMARK Renewable Fuels Product Manager Brigette Harlan says they are carefully researching all the steps that need to be taken to offer E15 to guide them. “We’re working very closely with the Renewable Fuels Association in reviewing their E15 Retailer Handbook,” she explained. “We’re very supportive of this moving forward but we really want to ensure it’s done properly.”

Harlan says they recently updated their Biodiesel Quality Program, which has been in place since 2007. “It includes a specification that we require of all of our suppliers that’s tighter than the ASTM specifications, and also includes storage and handling and appropriate blending guidelines,” she said. “We just want to make sure that we are putting out there the best quality product that we can.”

GROWMARK FS Energy offers full truckloads of pure ethanol, various ethanol blends, pure biodiesel and blends with ultra sulfur diesel. “We try to offer whatever is needed by our customers,” said Harlan.

Listen to or download interview with Brigette Harlan here: GROWMARK Renewable Fuels Product Manager Brigette Harlan

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