Sports Industry Looks to Solar

Joanna Schroeder

Soccer teams in Maryland will now be playing games with the help of the sun. Solar Energy World has been contracted to install a solar energy system in Soccer Dome II in Harmans, Maryland. The system will include the installation of 546 solar panels paired with a 126 kWh photovoltaic grid-interactive system over 13,067 square feet of roof space. When the two solar technologies are pared together, they are estimated to generate 130,000 kWh of electricity. The projected is expected to be completed by the end of June.

“We’re installing the system because we’re confident it will yield double bottom-line benefits by reducing our carbon footprint and our utility bill,” said Soccer Dome President Clif Everett.

The solar energy will be hooked into the city’s grid and produce enough energy to offset nearly 85 percent of the Soccer Dome’s energy needs as averaged over a total year. In summer months when the system is anticipated to generate more electricity than the stadium needs, the excess will be sold to BGE. Many sports complexes across the country are adding solar energy to their green mix.

Solar Energy World Vice President Geoff Mirkin said of the project, “Forward-thinking organizations, like Soccer Dome, that increase our region’s energy production by installing solar panel systems have a vital impact on their surrounding communities. More businesses and organizations are looking to cut costs and resources needed to build and operate sports venues. When they find ways to do so while reducing their environmental impact, they enhance the return on investment tenfold. It’s a real win-win situation.”

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