Biodiesel Showcased During 2012 Living Green Expo

Joanna Schroeder

Biodiesel will be showcased at the 2012 Living Green Expo May 5-6 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. During the expo, the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSRPC) is sponsoring the Biodiesel Lounge, located in the Education Building. The exhibit will showcase how biodiesel supports local economies, cleaner air, engine life and energy security.

Biodiesel also helps to keep the air cleaner and has been recognized as a Clean Air Choice by the American Lung Association in Minnesota for its ability to lower harmful exhaust emissions as compared to traditional diesel fuels. The state of Minnesota has a B5 mandate, meaning all diesel fuel must be blended with at least five percent biodiesel. However, most vehicles can use up to B20, twenty percent biodiesel, according to MSRPC.

“Increasing the amount of biodiesel in our fuel allows us to take advantage of a renewable fuel made right here in Minnesota. I’m proud to live in a state that is leading energy innovations and taking part in valuable solutions like biodiesel,” said Ed Hegland, Minnesota soybean farmer and past chairman of the National Biodiesel Board.

So whether you’re interested in using biodiesel in your car or truck, or just want to learn more about the benefits of biodiesel, stop by the Biodiesel Lounge.

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