Butamax & Fagen Cement Colloboration

Joanna Schroeder

Butamax has entered into a partnership with Fagen Inc. The pair will work together to introduce commercial scale biobutanol using Butamax technology.  Fagen, an engineering company, has designed and or built more than 85 ethanol plants totaling nearly 6 billion gallons of ethanol production per year.  The goal of the two companies is to ramp up production of biobutanol.

“We are delighted to partner with Fagen on our path to commercialize biobutanol,” said Paul Beckwith, Butamax CEO. “Fagen is simply the world leader when it comes to project execution in the biofuels industry, with leading standards for safety and quality. Our shared commitment to renewable energy makes Fagen a natural partner for Butamax and our shareholders.”

Last December Butamax announced the formation of an Early Adopters Group (EAG), a group of international production companies looking to become the first to adopt Butamax biobutanal technology.  The company has several pilot projects underway to convert various feedstocks including corn and sugarcane to biobutanol.

Aaron Fagen, CEO of Fagen, added,  “Butamax offers an exciting opportunity for ethanol facilities to leverage their existing assets to produce the next generation biofuel. We look forward to working with Butamax in the deployment of their commercial strategy and their first retrofit project starting in 2013.”

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