America Can Achieve Energy Victory

Joanna Schroeder

If the United States puts its mind to it, energy victory can be achieved. How? Energy expert Dr. Robert Zubrin, author of Energy Victory has the formula for success.  Zubrin recently spoke at the Indiana Ethanol Forum, and fellow journalist Meghan Grebner of Brownfield Ag News interviewed him after his presentation asking him what the most important thing people should take away from his presentation.

“The most vital threat to America right now is its energy insecurity,” answered Zubrin. “The number one responsibility of the federal government is national defense. That means defending us from being looted by the foreign oil cartel; defending us from being brought to our knees for lack of fuel. In order to weaken the power of the cartel, and as well as lower the price of oil, and benefit our economy, we need other options.”

Zubrin said we need to have fuel choice both as a nation and as individuals.  He also explained that we need to put our domestic resources, such as the agricultural sector, to work solving the problem, but right now we’re being blocked from using what we have.  “We are not addicted to oil, our cars our addicted to oil,” said Zubrin.

The solution? Enabling our cars to use other fuels that are not controlled by the oil cartel.

Listen to Dr. Robert Zubrin’s entire interview to learn more about how America can achieve energy victory. Robert Zubrin

Thanks to Brownfield Ag News for sharing this interview with Domestic Fuel.

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