Jerome Taylor Awarded Champion of Change

Joanna Schroeder

MFA Oil CEO Jerome Taylor has been recognized by the White House for being a Champion of Change due to his cooperative’s work in helping to build the renewable energy industry. He was one of nine people honored by the White House yesterday and is no stranger to the biofuels industry. In 2006, Taylor was honored with the Fields to Fuel Marketing Award (now the Paul Dana Marketing Vision Award) by the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) for his support of ethanol.

“Jerry Taylor and MFA were already promoting ethanol and making E85 available in their Break Time convenience stores and 24-hour cardlock sites when ACE started our Market Development program twelve years ago,” said ACE Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty. “Jerry picked up some of our “Why is Ethanol Good for My Car” brochures at a Missouri Petroleum marketers’ trade show, and over the next several years MFA distributed tens or even hundreds of thousands of them through their retail units.”

Lamberty continued, “MFA has provided a roadmap for other petroleum marketers who want to promote and sell ethanol profitably, and ACE is thrilled that those efforts have been rewarded with recognition by the White House.”

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