Butamax and Gevo Need to Resolve Issues

Cindy Zimmerman

Yet another press release came out this week regarding the Butamax/Gevo legal battle over isobutanol technology patent infringement and frankly, we are sick of hearing about it.

This spat started over 16 months and dozens of press releases ago. There is no question that patents are important, but the fact is that both of these companies are holding up critical technology by arguing about it.

butamaxThe two have been filing dueling lawsuits over patents since January of 2011 and the trial date for the first lawsuit is not scheduled now until April 2013.

Granted, business is business, but if these two companies are truly interested in furthering the energy independence of this country by taking advanced biofuels to the next level, they would get together and collaborate to commercialize this fuel. Until then, hold the press releases unless there is a technical breakthrough or big news that will advance biofuels.  That would be interesting.

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