Practicing What You Preach

Joanna Schroeder

Joule Energy is practicing what it preaches – when it comes to the adoption of solar energy. The company is installing a 28kW solar system on its primary office. They are not only installing alternative energy, but are also using the installation as a training tool and demonstration tool for other companies to see how a large-scale solar installation is designed and installed. The installation is featuring several different types of inverters that will demonstrate the differences in inverter model power efficiences.

“As a solar contractor, the choice to put solar on our own roof was a no-brainer,” said Ross Reilly, Principal at Joule Energy. “The cost of solar panels is at an all-time low, so businesses that have a long-term view can easily justify the investment.”

Currently, there are federal tax incentives for PV systems at 30 percent as well as accelerated depreciation formulas that help make solar power affordable to install. Solar power also saves companies (or consumers) money on electricity costs as well.

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