Check Out the Newly Redesigned

If you’re cruising the information superhighway and need the latest biodiesel news or information, check out the redesigned web site of the National Biodiesel Board.

The freshly updated, super-powered was unveiled in conjunction with National Biodiesel Day, the perfect time to unveil the premier website in the world for the inquisitive on renewable, cleaner burning, job-stimulating biodiesel. A quarter of a million people visit each year.
One of the most visited sections of the website is the Retail Biodiesel section. NBB contracted with a national leader in mapping technology to make the interface real-time and easy to use for consumers looking for biodiesel stations nationwide.

Other new features include reorganized drop down menus, a streamlined tabbing structure, and prominent social media links.

“Modern web design involves constant upgrades to stay relevant,” said Scott Tremain, IT director for NBB, who designed the new site. “Last time we did a major upgrade was 10 years ago. There are things we’re doing today that would have been cost-prohibitive or impossible 10 years ago, so it was really exciting to delve into this while setting the stage for future transformations of the site.”

From clean typography to updated color schemes, Tremain noted the new site reflects high level trends in web design, moving beyond web 2.0 and featuring a more simplistic design approach with fewer unnecessary design elements.

“It’s uncluttered and visually pleasing while maintaining the rich content throughout the site,” said Doug Whitehead, NBB director of operations. “This website is not about us. It’s about our industry and our members, and most importantly, about the people who use it.”

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