Growth Energy Welcomes New Board Members

Cindy Zimmerman

Growth Energy welcomed two new board members this week during the ethanol organization’s 2012 Executive Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.

Growth EnergyAbe Hughes, Vice President North America of New Holland Agriculture, and Bob Casper, President of Ethanol Products, LLC, a subsidiary of POET Ethanol Products, both agreed to join the organization’s Board of Directors.

“As one of the largest manufacturers of agriculture equipment in the world, New Holland Agriculture is a perfect fit for Growth Energy,” said Hughes. “Through our partnership with Growth Energy, we can make the ethanol industry even more efficient and profitable for both farmers and ethanol producers. New Holland fully supports the ethanol industry and its positive impact on the agriculture industry. Ethanol is good for the rural economy and for farmers.”

“The ethanol industry is focused on bringing E15 to the marketplace, giving consumers a choice at the pump and scaling the blend wall. As a member of Growth Energy’s board, I will focus on the next steps for E15 and higher ethanol blends in the future,” said Bob Casper. “Together, we can give Americans access to this clean, renewable fuel that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and lower harmful emissions.”

“Bob and Abe both bring a unique perspective to the Growth Energy board, and we look forward to working with them moving forward,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “They are both passionate advocates for agriculture and ethanol and we are delighted to work with them to create a coalition to bring higher ethanol blends and greater ethanol infrastructure to American consumers.”

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