RFA Working Hard to Get E15 to Market

Cindy Zimmerman

When people call Kristy Moore and ask her what she’s doing, she usually answers, “I’m just sitting around changing the nation’s fuel, and I might take a nap after lunch.”

Moore is the Renewable Fuels Association‘s Vice President for Technical Services and she is totally focused on helping the ethanol industry, fuel retailers and consumers make the move to 15% ethanol blended fuel under the EPA waiver that has approved the use of E15 in 2001 and newer model vehicles. “Those vehicles represent 65% of the vehicles on the road today, but more importantly, 82% of the vehicle miles traveled,” she noted during her remarks at the National Ethanol Conference. “What that means is those are the vehicles that are filling up and refilling with fuel on a more frequent basis.”

The recent acceptance by EPA of the health effects testing that now allows retails to register for approval to sell E15. “We are proud to say that to date we have ten E15 registrations sitting on EPA’s desk waiting for their processing,” said Moore.

The next step in getting E15 to consumers is the formulation of a misfueling mitigation plan and Moore says RFA spent six months working on a plan to assure EPA that they will teach retailers how to offer the fuel and make sure that it gets into the right vehicles. That plan has now been submitted to the agency and RFA is continuing work on how the fuel offering will be implemented on the state level. “We’re going to take our E15 retailer handbook to the marketplace where it will walk them through how to meet the regulatory requirements on a the federal and state level so they can focus on consumer needs and growing this market in a safe, profitable manner.”

Listen to or download Moore’s comments here: RFA's Kristy Moore

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