Former Speaker of House on Energy Policy

Cindy Zimmerman

The 59th Speaker of the House, who played an active role in the development of current energy policy, spoke about leadership and the importance of the nation’s energy security during an appearance at the GROWMARK, FS System “Gold Rush” event in East Peoria, Illinois to introduce re-formulated Dieselex Gold.

Dennis Hastert, a native of Illinois, told the group that growing up on a farm taught him the responsibility and leadership that helped serve him well in public life. He spoke of being an “accidental Speaker” and becoming a “war-time Speaker” after 9/11.

When asked by a member of the audience about energy policy, Hastert was adamant about the importance of renewable fuels and ethanol in particular. “We need to use ethanol,” he said. “I fought for ethanol from the time that I was in Congress for 15 years and finally got through the Ways and Means Committee along with a guy named Nussle from Iowa and we got ethanol with the tax credits so it could be a viable product. If we sit back and don’t do anything about it, we’re going to lose it.”

Listen to Speaker Hastert’s address to the FS Gold Rush event: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert

I also had the opportunity to interview Hastert after his address about his comments, energy and farm policy. Listen to that interview here: Dennis Hastert Interview
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