Coalition for E85 Issues Call to Action

Cindy Zimmerman

The Coalition for E85 is calling on members and other supporters to urge Congress to give E85 credit for being an alternative fuel.

The coalition is asking members of Congress to support the inclusion of E85 in the Alternative Fuel Credit in the tax extenders package currently under review. In coordination with this effort, members of the Coalition for E85 will be in Washington this week to meet with their Congressional representatives to explain how E85 is defined as an alternative fuel everywhere in the U.S. code, except in the Internal Revenue Code and that amending the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit to include E85 would give the fuel the same tax status as other alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas and propane.

“With the potential to provide 12 million American drivers with a clean fuel option, this is an affordable common-sense approach to reducing our foreign petroleum dependency while supporting development of next generation biofuels,” said Todd Garner, CEO of Protec Fuel. “Recognizing E85 as the most widely used alternative fuel protects American jobs and recognizes the investment that millions of Flex Fuel drivers have made in supporting home-grown clean fuels.”

The Coalition urges supporters of E85 and anyone who has been impacted by the expiration of the ethanol tax credit to take action now. “We ask you to contact your Representative and Senators and request that they support E85’s inclusion in the tax extenders package,” said Phil Lampert with the Coalition. “Now is the time to act, as negotiations in Washington could impact the future of alternative fuels across the country.”

The Coalition for E85 is a group of retailers, producers, equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and other supporters of E85 fuel.

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