Natural Power Makes WindManager Available in U.S.

Natural Power, an international renewable energy consultancy, says their product, WindManager, a wind farm portfolio information system designed to increase profitability of wind farm operations is now available in the United States.

WindManager is a turbine independent system based on latest international standards such as IEC 61400-25 and RDS-PP. The system is scalable from a single wind farm to large multisite wind farms. It captures real-time data, presenting availability, losses and key performance while supplying tools for analysis, effective work processes and fact based decisions. All processes are in place to increase profitability of wind farm operations.

WindManager provides customers with four modules for effective wind farm operations including:

  • -Monitoring – Turbines are connected to a central system, all data is stored and visualized in a map view, trends can be monitored and preconfigured reports summarize performance and energy production against targets
  • -Analysis – Wind farm personnel can perform stop analysis, loss analysis and understand all downtime issues as they arise
  • -Operations Management – Work scheduling, resourcing, and collaboration across teams can be held daily or weekly
  • -Expertise – Access to system API, data management tools, and tools for extracting performance data to MatLab allows further research and analysis to be performed in house.

Scott Mackenzie, asset management director at Natural Power says, “WindManager has been successfully operating in the U.K. and Europe for over a year now, so we are very pleased to be extending these services to the U.S. market. This product helps wind farm owners and operators experience a real time view of their assets, with customers benefiting from a range of additional tools from energy forecasting to independent operational site control.”

Natural Power offers WindManager in conjunction with their existing suite of wind farm management tools including WindCentre™, a 24/7 operations control room which uses Natural Power’s Melogale™ data analysis platform, ForeSite™ for wind farm energy forecasting and SeaPlanner™ for offshore GIS, site and data management.

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