Top Two Iowa Winners Support Renewable Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

IRFA romney santorumThe two Republican presidential candidates who topped the Iowa Caucus in a virtual dead heat Tuesday night are both considered to be supporters of renewable fuels.

According to the Iowans Fueled with Pride Iowa Caucus Voters Guide, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were two of four candidates who expressed support for major renewable energy issues, including the Renewable Fuels Standard. The guide shows the winners also support a fair and equitable energy tax policy; the attempt to ban E15; and consumer fueling choice through programs to increase the number flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs)and blender pumps in the nation. The other two candidates who scored well in all those categories were Newt Gingrich and President Obama.

Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry all were opposed to the RFS and increasing FFVs and blender pumps, while only Rick Perry was against E15 and a “fair and equitable energy tax policy” that would “create a level playing field for energy taxes” by revising the permanent tax benefits enjoyed by the petroleum industry.

The voter guide was mailed to approximately 10,000 Iowa households with residents who are directly involved in Iowa ethanol refineries and was also promoted to all of Iowa’s 250,000 agricultural households via email, the Internet and social media. An electronic version of the guide can be viewed at:

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