ESA Renewables Enters Four Solar O&M Agreements

ESA Renewables, (ESA), a leading turnkey solar solutions provider, has entered into separate multi-year operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts with four solar farms in North Carolina.

The four O&M agreements are with:

  • -The Murphy Solar Farm, which is approximately eight acres in size and consists of 4,298 ground-mounted solar panels. The solar installation is located on the grounds of the Martins Creek Elementary School.
  • -The Wingate Solar Farm, also located in Murphy, N.C. which consists of 4,340 solar panels. This solar project has been installed on a tract of land which is approximately seven acres in size.
  • -The Culberson Solar Farm located on approximately five acres which is composed of more than 3,400 solar panels.
  • -The Holiness Solar Farm which consists of 4,242 solar panels and is located on approximately nine acres.

A lead engineer and other O&M technicians will utilize ESA’s proprietary monitoring system which has been installed on each solar array to ensure maximum performance, reduce system downtime, and make informed decisions as to O&M services. ESA’s employees are also factory authorized and qualified to install and service advanced energy’s inverters which were used in the initial construction of the solar farm.

“ESA is proud to have designed and engineered a renewable energy technology that is an ideal O&M solution to maximizing energy generation,” Jeffrey Burkett, president of ESA Renewables. “We look forward to integrating our technology on many other renewable energy power plants in the near future for effective monitoring and control.”