New Ethanol Blender Pumps in Illinois

Cindy Zimmerman

Three new pumps that can dispense a range of ethanol blended fuel were officially opened in Princeton, Illinois last week.

Growth EnergyGrowth Energy, Horizon Fuels, the American Lung Association and Marquis Energy partnered to help with the promotions and labeling for the three new Flex Fuel pumps at the Princeton Fast Stop. “It was time to upgrade our gasoline pumps, so we went with Flex Fuel pumps that will give our customers a choice between E85, E30 and E20,” said Bob Sandhu, owner of Princeton Fast stop and the CEO and President of the MGS Petro Inc. Princeton Fast Stop celebrated the opening of the pumps last Friday, December 16, with special deals on ethanol blends and other promotions. Sandhu is picture here at one of the new pumps with Mark Orr, general manager of Ag View FS in Princeton, a local farmers cooperative that is part of the GROWMARK system.

“By giving consumers more choices at the pump that include higher blends of clean, green homegrown ethanol, we’re not only helping decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but also supporting our local farmers,” said Growth Energy Market Development Vice President Mike O’Brien.

Marquis Energy has a 140 million gallon per year ethanol production facility located just southeast of Princeton in Hennepin, Illinois. “We want consumers right here at home to understand that and now they have the chance to choose for themselves. Marquis is glad people in our local community will be able to use clean burning, renewable fuel that is made just 30 miles away,” said Director of Public Relations of Marquis Energy, Dana Gustafson.

Marquis Energy has contracted with Horizon Fuels to develop opportunities to install Flex Fuel pumps at area retail gas stations and then manage the project scope, equipment installation and promotional efforts for each.

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