Novozymes Urges Committee to Explore Oil Alternatives

Cindy Zimmerman

NovozymesThe president of biofuel enzyme producer Novozymes last week called on a House subcommittee to explore alternatives to drilling for oil to meet the country’s energy needs.

In a written statement prepared for the House Committee on Natural Resources’ Subcommittee On Energy and Mineral Resources, Adam Monroe encouraged the committee “to explore renewable fuels: new technology and innovation already making an impact on our energy supply and economy. American biofuels are reducing energy costs and creating jobs. They can also help realize savings that can be directed to our infrastructure needs. These savings can be directed towards America’s other pressing problems – in this case, the Committee’s concern about our roads, bridges, tunnels and other aging infrastructure.”

“For America to meet its energy challenges, we believe it is critical to view renewable fuels for cars, trucks and other vehicles as integral links in the country’s fuel supply. The technology and cost-savings they create are here – all we need now is continued public support,” Monroe concluded.

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