More Law Enforcement Vehicles Running on Propane

Cindy Zimmerman

A police department near Birmingham, Alabama is the latest law enforcement agency to use propane for its cruisers.

The Vestavia Hills, Ala., Police Department recently converted 14 cruisers to autogas as a cost-effective, efficient way to go green, according to Alliance AutoGas which outfitted the Ford Crown Victorias with bi-fuel systems and installed an on-site autogas station to give officers easy fueling access.

“Converting to autogas is simply the most viable solution for law enforcement looking to save money and drive clean, without sacrificing vehicle performance,” says Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie. “Not only is autogas about $1.25 per gallon cheaper than gasoline but vehicle conversions and fueling stations are more affordable compared to other alternative fuels.”

The Vestavia Hills department joins others who have made the switch to propane autogas including sheriff’s departments in Jackson County, Georgia; Augusta County, Va., and Iredell County, North Carolina and police departments in Raleigh, N.C. and West Point, Mississippi.