Bachmann Urged to Clarify Stand on RFS

Cindy Zimmerman

With presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in Iowa this week, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) has urged her to clarify where she stands on the federal renewable fuels standard (RFS).

Iowa RFAIn a letter to Rep. Bachmann, IRFA President Walt Wendland wrote: “As a neighboring Minnesotan who was born in Iowa, you know the large, positive impact renewable fuels have had on rural economies, farm income, and US energy security. That is why IRFA has been disappointed to be unable to get an answer to a question central to the future of renewable fuels and rural economic growth. IRFA would simply like to know: as president, would you support and protect the federal renewable fuels standard?”

Bachmann has been asked her position on the RFS at least four times in the past few weeks, but she continues to dodge the issue. Bachmann has been asked about the RFS by an ethanol supporter, an ethanol plant CEO, the IRFA executive director and even Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Those encounters can be viewed at

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