Propane Supplies Good for Winter

Cindy Zimmerman

Propane supplies are in good shape going into the winter, according to Randy Miller, GROWMARK director of propane operations.

Regarding total inventories, Randy says 60 million barrels is the total to shoot for to feel comfortable going into the winter. “And we just did get to 60 million,” he said recently. “We’ve had some pretty good inventory increases the last few weeks.”

He says that Midwest stocks are pretty good, but stocks overall are behind last year and the five year average. “Nothing to feel short about but we are behind some nine percent compared to a year ago,” he said. “Most of that is on the Gulf Coast where we’ve seen a lot of propane exports.”

Propane exports from the U.S. are up this year, although they have dropped off a bit in the last month or so. “But still we are seeing tremendous exports compared to what we’ve ever seen before in history,” Miller said.

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Listen to an interview with Randy Miller about propane supplies: Randy Miller Interview

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