Jury Rules in Favor of Novozymes in Patent Dispute

Cindy Zimmerman

The jury has ruled but the judgement is still out on the lawsuit between Novozymes and Danisco over a patent for enzymes used in biofuels production.

NovozymesA jury in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin determined that Novozymes patent is valid and ordered Danisco to pay damages of more than $18 million for infringement. The jury also found Danisco’s infringement to be willful but the jury’s decision is still subject to the judge’s affirmation and possible appeals.

Novozymes’ patent covers certain alpha-amylase enzymes for use in the biofuel and starch industries. The infringing products have primarily been used to produce ethanol from corn starch in the United States. Novozymes filed the lawsuit against Danisco in May 2010. Danisco was acquired by DuPont earlier this year.

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