Bioheat Campaign Blankets New York

Cindy Zimmerman

A new Bioheat® advertising campaign is underway in New York City targeting oilheat customers who want a better, cleaner fuel.

The message is that consumers who use oilheat to heat their homes have the power to change – without changing a thing – by choosing Bioheat®, “a home heating fuel made with biodiesel, a renewable, cleaner-burning fuel that supports American jobs.”

Starting Oct. 24, New York City buses and the subway system will be covered with Bioheat ads. Radio commercials are already airing on six highly rated CBS stations. “Choose the cleaner, renewable home heat without changing equipment. Bioheat. It’s the evolution of oilheat,” says one version of the radio commercial.

Bioheat is made by combining oilheat with at least two percent biodiesel. It is cleaner burning, cost-competitive with oilheat, and does not require modifications to the oilheat system.

“Our public opinion research shows that oilheat customers crave the benefits of Bioheat, yet most aren’t aware that it is an option for their oilheat systems,” said Paul Nazzaro, petroleum liaison for the National Biodiesel Board. “This campaign will drive customers to ask their oilheat dealers for Bioheat, and raise their understanding of the product and its benefits.”

The ads direct consumers to the Bioheat website,, which has been revamped in conjunction with the campaign to be more user friendly to consumers and oilheat dealers alike. Facebook users can also “join the evolution” on the new Bioheat Facebook page.

“This campaign is a critical step in empowering consumers to use a truly renewable product, contribute to energy security, and support American jobs,” said John Maniscalco, CEO of the New York Oil Heating Association. An early proponent of Bioheat, Maniscalco was instrumental in passing an air quality bill that ensures Bioheat is used within the city for heating homes and buildings. Starting in October 2012, all heating oil sold within New York City will contain at least 2 percent biodiesel.