SunPower Opens Biodiesel Fueling Station in Duluth

Cindy Zimmerman

SunPower Biodiesel has announced the opening of their first biodiesel fueling station in Minnesota.

The company’s original prototype FuelMaster® biodiesel station is located at SunPower’s production facility, based in Cumberland, Wisconsin. The newest addition is located in Duluth, MN and offers B99 (99% biodiesel and 1% petroleum diesel, the first station in Northern Minnesota to offer a B99 blend.

Jamie Helgeson of SunPower says they are excited to share the benefits of SunPower Premium Cold Flow Biodiesel with Northern Minnesota. “You can expect cooler running engines, ten times the lubrication of regular diesel, higher cetane and longer engine and parts life.”

According to the company, as the temperatures get colder, SunPower adapts by offering a winter blend of biodiesel, which also contains a fuel additive and has been tested to operate down to -30°F. SunPower Biodiesel, LLC produces premium cold flow biodiesel made mostly of canola, which maintains many of its cold flow properties when converted into biodiesel.