Sheriff Uses Drug Money for Propane Fueled Cruisers

Cindy Zimmerman

Confiscated drug money is helping to clean up the community of Iredell County, North Carolina by putting propane-fueled law enforcement vehicles on the road.

Iredell County Sheriff Phillip Redmond recently had 13 Ford Crown Victoria cruisers converted to run on propane autogas using money confiscated from illegal drug activity.

“We put dirty money to good use by re-purposing seized assets from our drug interdiction program to match grant funding for the autogas conversions,” says Sheriff Redmond, pictured here preparing to fill up one of the converted cruisers at a propane autogas pump.

Nationwide network Alliance AutoGas provided the conversions and autogas fueling infrastructure. The autogas conversions are estimated to save the county about 40 percent in fuel costs, in addition to reduced maintenance expenses and the Sheriff’s Office is reportedly so pleased with the autogas vehicle performance, they are converting 13 additional vehicles this fall and hope to eventually run 50 fleet vehicles on autogas.