RFA Reminds President of Ethanol Jobs

Cindy Zimmerman

As President Obama prepares to address the nation with a proposed $400 billion jobs plan, the Renewable Fuels Association is reminding him that American ethanol fuels 400,000 jobs right now and could do even more with more support.

In an open letter to the president running today in Politico, RFA president Bob Dinneen says the “American ethanol industry is a job-creating engine fueled by innovation.”

“With a commitment in tonight’s speech to support the goals of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), encourage the use of E15 and other ethanol fuels, and invest in modernizing our fuel infrastructure, you could embolden current ethanol production and ignite investment in next generation advanced and cellulosic ethanol and other biofuels which would require the construction of new biorefineries, often located outside the traditional Corn Belt. In addition, you would spark further economic growth in rural communities in the Heartland where economic development is most difficult,” Dinneen writes to President Obama.

See the full ad here.

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