Students Launch Facebook Campaign to Raise Cash for Biodiesel Program

Joanna Schroeder

Rockwood Summit High School located in Fenton, Missouri is on the hunt for dollars to help expand their biodiesel project. But they are not selling candy bars or giving car washes on a Saturday afternoon. They have taken to Facebook to promote their fundraising campaign.

The fundraising campaign is not limited to Rockwood Summit High School. Famous Footwear and Converse have come onboard to offer up to $100,000 to any school that receives at least 75,000 votes in their contest. Of that money, $75,000 will go to the school for their project a $25,000 academic scholarship will go to the student who submitted the essay on behalf of the winning school.

The students at Rockwood Summit hope to build an educational renewable fuel facility if they win. Today, the school’s 80 gallon processor is stored in only 15 square feet of space. The monies will be used to expand the space with extra to grow. Next projects? Researching turning algae into biodiesel.

The students also want to take their biodiesel projects to the street and educate the local community about the environmental and economic benefits of the renewable fuel. They also hope to teach younger students the science behind biodiesel production.

So how do you help them win? Visit the Famous Footwear Facebook page here, and click on the Step It Up For Your School tab. From there, you need to “like” the page then click “Cast Your Vote,” and from there search for “Summit.” To take it on home you just need to Vote for them. Now tomorrow, repeat, and keep repeating until they win.

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