E85 Station Opens in Corpus Christi, Texas

Joanna Schroeder

A new E85 station has opened at the Stripes Convenience Store in Corpus Christi, Texas and is now the only E85 station within 100 miles. The pump is located at its location on Weber Road, south of Saratoga Blvd. The company also offers E85 at its station in Lubbock, Texas. Only flexible fuel vehicles can fill up with E85.

“Stripes takes pride in leading the way by bringing a new alternative fuel option like E85 to our customers looking for a cleaner burning gas for their flex fuel vehicles,” said Steve DeSutter, President & CEO of Stripes LLC. “This is something new for us but with the number of flex fuel vehicles growing, and as cities like Corpus Christi push to find ways to improve air quality and make renewable resources a focus, Stripes will offer E85 fuel at more locations if we find that consumers demand that option.”

Stripes says according to E85refueling.com there are around 50 E85 stations in Texas and more than 2,600 across the U.S. They become the first retailer in the area to offer E85 as part of their commitment to supporting environmental initiatives and reducing air pollution in the community.

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