Biofuels USA Opens on I-70 in Missouri

Cindy Zimmerman

biofuels usaThe red, white and blue God Bless America Biofuels USA banner has been waving at motorists on I-70 in Missouri for several weeks now. On Friday, the new biodiesel station at exit 175 in New Florence held its official grand opening, offering a variety of home grown choices for diesel vehicle drivers.

“We have ten pumps, three different flavors of biodiesel – B5, B20 and B99,” station owner Frank Imo told me when I stopped by on Friday afternoon on my way to St. Louis airport. “All of our fuel is 100% American, we have no foreign oil here. We make our biodiesel out of soybean oil, which helps the farmers and helps America – that’s what we’re trying to do.”

biofuels usaImo is part of the Missouri-based family pizza chain Imo’s Pizza, which recycles most of its waste vegetable oil into biodiesel at the High Hill Biofuels, LLC plant in High Hill, Mo.

Working with Imo to promote Biofuels USA at the grand opening was St. Louis Clean Cities Executive Director Kevin Herdler. “Our whole mission is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and we do that with the American-made fuels – natural gas, propane, biodiesel, ethanol, electric, hydrogen,” he said. “All these fuels are good for the environment and they create jobs.”

Biofuels USA plans on adding E-85 (85 percent ethanol) next spring. Find out more about Biofuels USA on their website

Listen to my interview with Frank Imo and Kevin Herdler here: Biofuels USA

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