Nicholas Theisen Wins Biodiesel Essay Contest

Joanna Schroeder

Nicholas Theisen is the winner of a $1,000 scholarship for his entry in the Clean Air Choice Biodiesel Essay Contest. The 2011 graduate of Apollo High School wrote, “Biodiesel is clearly a beneficial alternative fuel that benefits Minnesotans directly and indirectly. It offers environmental benefits in that in cuts down greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, it’s a more efficient energy source than petroleum, and it helps to reduce soil erosion and increase water quality.”

The contest was created five years ago and is open to all high school seniors who attend school in Minnesota. The contest is sponsored by the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council and the American Lung Association in Minnesota.

Nicole Schaub, a 2011 graduate of White Bear Lake High School took second place and was awarded a $500 scholarship. In her essay she wrote, “Not only is biodiesel better for the environment, but its widespread use can decrease our dependence of foreign oil. With gas prices rising and our economy coming out of a recession, the use of biodiesel is a win-win for everyone.”

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