GE to Provide 228 Wind Turbines

Joanna Schroeder

General Electric Co. (GE) has secured an order for 228 wind turbines to be used for two different wind projects. The order came from Wind Capital Group and along with supplying the turbines, GE will also aid in operations and maintenance for the projects in Oklahoma and Kansas. As part of the agreement, GE will supply 94 of its 1.6-100 wind turbines for the Oklahoma project and 134 of its 1.5-82.5 wind turbines for the Kansas project.

The wind turbines are scheduled to be delivered in the first half of 2012 and when the projects are complete, will provide more than 350 megawatts of power. This will boost Wind Capital’s U.S. wind power footprint to more than half a gigawatt. According to GE, the 1.6-100 wind turbine to be used in the Oklahoma project is one of its most advanced. It features a 100-meter rotor diameter and offers a 47 percent increase in swept area, resulting in an 18 percent increase in annual energy production compared with previous models.

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