Elsevier Biofuel Launched to Guide Innovation

Joanna Schroeder

A new tool is now available for biofuel managers and research development professionals to help solve innovation challenges. Elsevier Biofuels is an unique online search and discovery tool that gives companies access to the highest level of scientific, industrial and commercial information that can be utilized by companies to assist them in solving problems or make key decisions.

“BioEnergy RD&D (Research, Development and Demonstration) is a complex interdisciplinary challenge,” said Marcus Gay, biofuels information consultant, Elsevier Biofuels. “As a former BioEnergy R&D manager I am acutely aware of the technical, economic and commercial challenges faced by professionals in the industry. Elsevier’s Biofuel Information Discovery Tool pulls together scientific and commercial information enabling researchers to have this critical binocular vision during every stage of the development process.”

Using keywords, users can drill down to needed data and information. They can also tap into the Elsevier Biofuel Tree Thesaurus where more than 900 journals, 800 books, and 5.8 million patent documents are available. The platform also allows users to compare high-quality data specific to the biofuels industry including: solve problems with existing scientific knowledge; research new, promising advanced technologies; compare applicable approved pathways and methodologies; and minimize waste in resources.

“Having tested the beta version of Elsevier Biofuels discovery tool thoroughly, it became immediately apparent how limiting the information returned from internet only search is, by comparison,” said Dr. Skye Thomas-Hall, Senior Scientist, Cellana LLC. “The combination of high quality journal, book and patent information in one location, is a huge advantage that increased my efficiency by at least 15-20%.”

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