Building Better Fuels Ad Debuts

Joanna Schroeder

Following a visit to the Beltway to conduct its member meeting and meet with politicians, the Advanced BioFuels Association (ABFA) has launched its first online advertisement to promote the successful uses of advanced biofuels. The ad is a first in a series. Michael McAdams, ABFA president said, “As Washington confronts our nation’s energy and economic challenges, we must demonstrate that advanced biofuels are real and successfully being put to the test today, all across the country. Advanced biofuels are today’s reality, not scientific hyperbole.”

The first ad is called, “Building Better Fuels Today and Tomorrow,” and opens with the statement, “There are those who speculate America’s day has passed…”

“This is an important opportunity for us to provide real world examples of advanced biofuels delivering ready to use fuels for cars on the road today as well as commercial airliners and our national defense structure,” McAdams added. “No waiting for the day when costly changes are made on car assembly lines or gas stations.”

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