AllianceGas Adds New Partners

Joanna Schroeder

Alliance AutoGas has added some new partners this month. Coast Transit Authority (CTA) of Gulfport, Mississippi has partnered with them to convert a portion of its public fleet to propane autogas. CTA is working with Alliance AutoGas to convert four Glaval buses to use propane. As part of the program, Alliance aids with conversions, providing on-site fueling and training.

“Going green is a big priority for Coast Transit Authority, and we feel government agencies should take the lead in introducing alternative fuels like autogas to the community,” said Executive Director Kevin Coggin. “Autogas was a smart choice for our fleet because there was no up-front cost for the fueling infrastructure, and we benefit greatly from the reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel prices.”

In addition, Nantucket Energy Corp has also partnered with Alliance AutoGas to help supply propane to community fleets. Nantucket Energy co-founder Philip Marks, III said they made the decision to offer propane in an effort to provide inexpensive, clean-burning fuels to meet community energy needs.

Alliance AutoGas says fleets running on autogas save more than $1 per gallon at the pump. They also say vehicles running on propane emit less emissions and require less maintenance. The company’s President Stuart Weidie said adding partners supports their mission to “make the most popular alternative fuel in the world available to more American fleets.”