New Report Details Global Hydropower Markets

Joanna Schroeder

Global opportunities for hydropower are reviewed and analyzed in a new report, “The Hydropower Market 2011-2012,” by Visiongain. According to the report, the global hydropower market, as defined by spending on new hydropower projects as well as spending on upgrades and expansions, to be worth $56.61 billion in 2011. Today, hydropower currently contributes nearly one-sixth of all worldwide electricity, but the authors of the report believe it will play in increasingly important role in the future as the world shifts away from fossil fuel-based energy to renewable energy.

The report examines the hydropower market over the next decade and provides detailed market forecasts for each of the regional markets as well as offers in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. The report provides information on recently awarded contracts in more than 50 national markets and profiles the top 50 companies within the hydropower market.

In addition, the report highlights the most important technological changes withing within the industry as assesses their importance in the long-term growth of the industry. Also evaluated are various drivers and restraints of the hydropower market as a means to provide the industry with specific insights into the future direction of the market.

Electricity, Energy, Hydro