New Ethanol Yeast Product Released

Joanna Schroeder

A new yeast product for the ethanol industry was introduced this week by Lallemand Ethanol Technology. While the patent-pending product as of yet has no name, it is being commercialized through the partnership between Lallemand and Xylogenics, Inc. The new yeast is engineered to demonstrate characteristics that significantly change sugar uptake kinetics. The result is increased yields of up to 4 percent, increased capacity, reduced fermentation time and reduced ingredient costs. The yeast is being marketed as a replacement for existing yeast in first generation ethanol biorefineries.

“Our success is defined by our customer’s success, whether it be efficiencies attained, increased volume output or greater profitability,” said Bill Nankervis, Lallemand Ethanol Technology General Manager. “Because of the introduction of this technology, we expect our customers to realize real benefits that help them remain in the black in today’s challenging market environment.”

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