Four Ethanol Plants to Install Advanced Oil Systems

Joanna Schroeder

Four ethanol plants have committed to installing ICM’s new patent-pending Advanced Oil System (AOS) corn oil extraction technology. According to ICM, AOS uses an emulsion-breaking approach to deliver a higher oil recovery rate than other technologies. The system can be added to plants without any current corn oil technology via separate skid mounted units or a modified version can be added to plants that currently have ICM’s first generation corn oil extraction technology.

Chris Mitchell, executive vice president of ICM said, “We’re thrilled to announce the deployment of our Advanced Oil System™ technology, and we’re eager to demonstrate how we’ve focused our efforts on creating solutions that deliver rapid payback and continuous value-added co-product streams for the renewable energy industry. We believe our competitive advantage comes from equipping our customers with the highest yielding and most efficient oil separation technology available.”

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